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le déserteur continues to evolve and explore other territories, other experiences.
Gaming merged with art, literature and music:

– In the first exhibition room « anonymous bodies » let yourself be at the core of your reading and play with the fog which crosses the texts.

– In the second exhibition room « labyrinths » like Theseus, try to find your way to unlock a new work of art.

le déserteur is an artistic and sensitive experience, please assign an emotion at the end of each work in order to make your journey more personal…

Enter the exhibition ‘le déserteur’ for free now! Download the app and discover the first 3 works of art.
If you want more, you can purchase a work of art for 0,99€ per unit (or 9,99€ for the complete exhibition).
We really pushed ourselves to provide you with unique immersive experience, so we’ve added some exciting mind games!

Click here to download it now https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/le-deserteur-free/id1086056355

– touch, watch, listen, play, feel and reload –

Sylvain Souklaye



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